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Another manga with circuses and clowns?

I love the Joker * (regardless of the story) and also the stories that take place in a circus with fantasy, theater but dark, deception.
But I have not found many sleeves as Joker no Kuni no Alice. Most barely include a clown, jugglers and two or three magician or animal tamer in a lost chapter or a saga, totally out of context, that is, are floating around without much to do with a circus (see for example Karneval or Death Moon circus from Sailor Moon).
The only one I've seen was an arc of Kuroshitsuji and Kaleido Star (I did not like very much for you is a melodrama where you have to suffer as condemned to get something and presents other type of circus).
* I like the Joker because is the embodiment of chaos, unpredictability, of madness and dementia, as shown by this manga or Batman, not any clown as Krusty.

Sorry that my first "contribution" is a request, but i ask on other sites and anyone know any manga, I thought in this community would have more opportunity.
I also would like to have sleeves "i can get" and they had not been abandoned or no longer consiguiesen anywhere. If possible, complete or in process of doing so (the latter is not so essential).
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