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We finally got what some have called impossible. QuinRose is giving us a chance. They have now released an English version of Heart no Kuni no Alice available for mobile devices! The prologue and the first episode for each character is free, and each character costs USD$7 (or USD$5 for the unvoiced version). You can get the Android version here, or the iPhone version here.

Alice in the Heart ~Wonderful Wonder World~
(ハートの国のアリス ~Wonderful Wonder World~ / Heart no Kuni no Alice, Alice in the Country of Hearts)

Release dates
Japanese PSP version: July 30th, 2009
English iPhone/Android version: August 8th, 2014

”Alice Liddell is a realistic but insecure girl who feels overshadowed by her sister’s beauty and grace. During one of their outings, Alice’s sister goes to get a deck of cards for a game while Alice falls asleep.

Soon, Alice finds herself in the Country of Hearts, a strange place full of danger. She soon learns that the only way she might be able to return to her world is to interact and spend time with the people who inhabit Wonderland. How will Alice fare? Will she find a way back to her own world?”(Source / Source)


((Original info came from this source.))
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The master post of Alice Love Fables ~Rose Petit Coeur~ has been updated with the release of chapter 3.

Here's a direct link to the post where you can find the latest chapter - http://heartnokuni.livejournal.com/75925.html
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Here's another project in the works. My friend Voca and I have been collaborating to finish it. I thought I'd share it here too.

Title: Alice Love Fables ~Rose Petit Coeur~
Artist: Ren Kawahara
Pairing: Blood/Alice (main pairing), with various one-shot pairings.

Read Online

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3 ~NEW~

Please enjoy the scanlation and do not re-upload anywhere else.  We have made sure to have an online reader option and a download available for everyone’s needs. Feel free to use anything you see for graphics purposes.
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I feel like as i can not buy the games or analyze the dialogues ,i'm losing a lot of the secrets of how Wonderland works and its characters . I would like to find a website that will explain or did a abstract... or something XD .

For example, in one part of the manga, faceless children tell Joker that Alice is a new character in the game , and she will have a role when one of the owners should die. So the owners can actually die ( in that case, the character of the script would be deleted ? ) . Where they come the new characters to replace them ? What if Julius dies? .

I do not understand why the prison of Joker fills with broken toys or because the child faceless repented of his actions became one ?

And finally and most importantly , if Alice leaves her regrets and accepts to be part of Wonderland , do not lose their privileges foreign , which are what make your stay as convenient ? Or would be transformate in a owner whose function is to be loved by everyone above all things ? That means that the owners  were foreigners ?
21 December 2013 @ 06:31 am
 I'm selling these for $25 $15 each (+ shipping, US only) on eBay (click the images for the links!). They've both got their respective drama CD included.

Yoake Mae ni Miru Yume, Mahiru ni Miru Yume and Mayonaka ni Ochiru Yume

-type cd japan or the book depositary
-i live in Latin America and now i have no PayPal                                                                                   
Yen Press, Je ne comprends pas.


Why they decided to license a fanbook of Diaya is beyond me.

Quinrose is releasing a new fanbook for the remake of Anniversary so wouldn't it make more sense to wait and release that one? If you're going to release fanbooks in North America for a game series in Japan wouldn't you do it chronologically starting with Heart/Anniversary? Or even one of the red/green Joker ones since you can at least connect it to the "Alice in the Country of Joker" manga.

As confused as I am by this decision, I am pretty excited especially if they license more fanbooks. God knows the games will never be released outside of Japan (hoping I'll be proved wrong!) so I'm happy with this alternative.

Is anybody else confused with this release or does it make perfect, logical sense? Do you think it has any connection to a foreign release of the games?  Any other fanbooks you want to see licensed?
10 September 2013 @ 05:52 pm
Originally posted by harroe at Joker - Fushigi Event 1

I brought this over from my tumblr account in hopes that even more people will be able to enjoy it.

This is a translation of Joker’s first event from his fushigi route in Omochabako no Kuni no Alice (Alice in the Country of Toybox). If anyone sees a major mistake, I’ll gladly accept advice on how to fix it.

Game narrative is written normally, while Alice’s thoughts are in parenthesis, and dialogue has the name of the character speaking in bold font at the beginning. All names used to represent the speaker are taken directly from the game (So don’t ask me why White Joker is simply called “Joker” while Black Joker is called “Black Joker". I don’t know either.). I also have a few personal translation notes in brackets, since this is more for myself and I’m just sharing it. They shouldn’t be a problem though. That’s it.


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It is about choosing for the characters some ost or songs that "appears to have been made ​​thinking about him."

Whithe Joker: Sakura no Teema II and Taiketsu!! (Ost from Card Captor Sakura). UN Owen Was Her ( Flandre`s Theme, Ost from Touhou)

Black Joker: Somwhere I Belong (Ost for Le Portrait De Petite Cossette). Karakuri Burts (Rin and Len Kagamine from Vocaloid)

Bot Jokers: You Rise Me Up (Op from Romeo X Juliet). Agony (Ed of Kanazuki no Miko). Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro (Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid).
The opening movie for Diamond no Kuni no Alice ~Wondeful Mirror World~ has been released. Here it is: